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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vsti programs

(Note: these vsti's are all installed in FL studio 9)

Welcome to part 4

Vsti's (virtual instruments) are the digital versions of real instruments. They sound the same and they only take your harddrive space.

Good vsti programs i use are: Native instruments (Komplete 6) , Spectrasonics (Trilogy, Omnisphere & Athmosphere), Edirol orchestral, Cakewalk (Sonar 8.5), Steinberg (Hypersonic 2), Toontrack (EZ drummer), Eastwest samples ( Symphonic orchestra gold), plus some more.

Komplete 6 from Native instruments has 7 synthesizers, virtual guitar studio, drum sampler and more. This program is around 60 GB, pretty big vsti.
I used to have Komplete 5 but i upgraded recently. It's a really good program for people who are looking for lots of different instruments.

Trilogy from Spectrasonics is a bassmodule vsti. From acoustic to electric to synth basses. It's over 3 GB. I always use this one to make dope basslines.

Omisphere from Spectrasonics is a synthesizer vsti. This one has the best sounds in my opinion. It has categories like : disortion, electro perc, human voices, pads, psychoacoustic, retro underground and alot more. You can combine the sounds or tweak them, whatever you want to do. This program is over 42 GB.

Ez drummer from Toonrack is a multi microphone drum sampler. This one looks really cool. The interface is a drumkit construction, it's like you are really behind a drumset playing. There are many different drumsounds. You can play jazz, rock, funk and much more, over 7000 drumsounds. The size of this program is 1.5 GB

Symphonic orchestra gold from east west quantum leap is a orchestra library vsti. You can find strings, piano's, percussions, choirs and more. This program is 32 GB. The strings, flutes and choirs sound really good. Those are the only 3 i use, but i guess the rest must be good as well.

You can download demo's or buy them. I changed the names into links. So click on it and it will direct you to the website.

It's really easy to install a vsti program. Open the setup, enter the serial code, install the files in the vsti folder (FL studio makes one for you automatically) and that's it.

To open them in FL studio go to Channel>add one>more. Click on refresh at the bottom and look for the vsti name. Check the box when you see it in your list and double click on it. So next time you can find that vsti in your channels.

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