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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm back!!!

What's up guys?

I'm back and ready to blog again.
We are now in the year 2011 and i want to share some good stuff with you guys.
Let's start with some music.

I've been busy making mini mixes (15/20 min dj mixes) since November 2010, and my mixes have been played on different radio stations all over the world. A guy named Joe kay heard my work and asked me to be his guest host on this LA radio show called Soulection, how cool is that?

The genres you can expect in my mini mixes are: old and new underground/experimental hiphop, neo soul, soul/R&B, future beats.
All those mini mixes can be found @ my bandcamp and @ my mixcloud.

I also made this big mix called the Grand Finale New Years Eve mix 2010/2011. You can check that one out or download it @ my soundcloud. The reason i put it there is because mixcloud and bandcamp won't allow me to upload audio files longer that 30 min. This 2010/2011 mix is over 70 min. And i uploaded it with mediafire, so you guys have enough spots to listen or download my mixes from.

All these mixes have been made in Traktor pro. Traktor pro is a digital Dj program made by Native instruments. I had fun working in that program, and i picked it up very quick. In my next blog i will talk about it some more and explain how it works.

So please go visit one of those links, follow, subscribe, comment, fav, share, you guys know the drill :)
Hope you enjoy the music!