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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Bandcamp is a music community where you can upload your music to.
It's something like Itunes but much more easier. You don't need to pay anything, just sign up for a new account and start adding tracks.

So if you are a music producer, vocalist, a group or a band, and you want the world to hear your music, then bandcamp is the place for you.

It's really easy to setup your own music page. They will ask you to upload wav files because wav is a better quality than mp3. The second thing they need are album arts. For each track or album you need to upload an album art. You can write something in the description field or in about this album/album credits. If you have a nice background and maybe a header graphic, then upload it to your bandcamp.
It really looks more professional on your page when you use all these things

Another cool thing is that you can choose to put your track/album/albums up for free download, setup a price or let the fan name a price. The fan can listen to the tracks on your page and has the option to download an mp3, aac, ogg, alac or flac file. Put tags on each track/album. If you are making rock music, then put rock/band etc etc in your tag. People will find you faster that way. Especially when you have some free music for download on your page. Put that in your tag as well.

Sharing is another way to let people know what you have to offer. With this share button you can post your bandcamp link to facebook, myspace, blogger and many more. I use this button all the time. And it really works!

On the stats page you can view your plays and download per day, week, month, year.
You can see where the traffic comes from and if they play your song all the way, partional or even skipped it. I think it's good to see which tracks the fans like or don't like.

The only thing i'm missing in bandcamp is the forum, i would like to talk to other bandcamp members. It's like you are you are the only one coming to your page, no comments, no feedback on your page. They could have atleast make a seperate page for that, it's always nice read good feedback or to talk about music.

There is enough music to find on bandcamp, lot's of different genre's and lot's of free music.
Have fun on bandcamp!

You can visit my bandcamp @

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