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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Photoshop pentool tutorial

Today i am going to show how you can cut out images with the pentool.

I downloaded 2 pictures. One of a beach and one of the beautiful Jessica alba.
The beach wallpaper is going to be the background and Jessica on the foreground.
So let's start with the cutting part.

Open the beach wallpaper and jessica in photoshop. Copy and paste jessica on the beach layer. Now you have 2 layers, background and layer1, rename them if you want. Press P for the pentool and select paths (You will see 3 small squares underneath edit, select the middle one). And also select exclude overlapping path areas (underneath help)

Pick a background spot on the alba wallpaper that you want to erase. Try to make a square with your pentool and erase it. Hold shift if you want to make a perfect square. It's almost like drawing a square, only here you don't need to draw the lines, you will only make the anchor points and connect them, the tool will draw it for you. If you made a mistake press Ctrl+alt+Z to undo it.

So now you have drawn a square with the pentool. Right click on it and choose make selection. Feather radius is 0 px, Anti-aliased and new selection are both checked. Press ok and then delete on your keyboard.

Let's try to make a curve now. Make 2 anchor points and drag the 2nd point without letting go. Move the mouse around and let let go after you got your perfect curve. Now make a 3rd achor point and drag that one as well. So now you know how to make curves.

Start making anchor points from her dress till her elbow and delete that part. I described how you delete parts earlier. If you messed up an anchor point just click Ctrl+Alt+Z to undo it.

You can do it in sections or all in once, that's up to you. When you are done you will probably see parts you are not happy with. You can use the hard brush eraser to fix the parts or the pentool. I use them both most of the time.

Use the burntool to cover the light hair parts. Put the exposure low (15/25%) and the range you can decide. I think shadows will be good. Start burning the light parts with a soft small brush. If you burned too much then you can undo it with the dodge tool.
The burntool is also good to make her skin darker. That's what i did in my design.

Please check out the video below. You can see how i used the pentool, eraser and burn/dodge tools. Have fun!!

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