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Friday, May 21, 2010

Proline MP18 - 8 GB Media Player

Today i bought the Proline MP18. I needed another mp3 player because my ipod touch got stolen, and i always listen to music when i'm outside. So i needed one fast, yes i'm a music addict ;)

Anyways i bought this one for 39.95 EUR. Not expensive for a 8 GB mediaplayer. It comes with a small usb cable, earplugs and a software cd. You can transfer videos, photo's, ebooks and music to it. It has a build in voice recorder and radio. The screen is in my opinion too small to watch videos and photos on it (1.8 inch). The power source is an internal battery.

The design is nice, nothing too fancy. The shiny glass on the front makes it look nice and expensive. The buttons are not too big and not too small, and they make soft clicking noises when u push them, I like that.

The MP18 is a small device : Height 7.9 cm, Width 4.1 cm, Weight 40g, Depth 0.8 cm. It's smaller than a credit card.

I uploaded some mp3's and i liked the quality. It's easy to do, just use the usb cable, hook it onto your computer and drag and drop your music to your mp3 folder.
The volume was not that great. Even when i tweaked the EQ in the player, it still was not going louder. The earplugs are not so great. I used my philips headphones and the sound came out a lil bit better. So if you want to listen to loud music, then don't buy this player!

This player is just a temporarely replacement for my ipod, untill i have enough money to buy another Ipod touch. Cause we all know Ipod is the KING!

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