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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Survival of the fittest

Another cool beat i made for you guys ;)

I'm a huge Street fighter fan, since the 1st street fighter came out on the snes.
Now 17 years later they released SF4, a mad dope game!

So i'm following all the great players worldwide and i found this guy named gootecks.
He organizes SF tournaments every month in the states, and he records his footage and puts it on youtube and piratebay.

So while i'm watching this tournament online, a beat pops up in my head (yes that happens alot to me)
I rushed to my computer and started to make that beat. I found the perfect sound, again in Hypersonice 2 (one of my fav vsti programs) and the rest are dilla and 9th wonder snares, kicks etc etc.

So survival of the fittest was born.


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