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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Basketball training (shooting,dribbling)

I have some fun basketball practise drills i want to share with all the basketball trainers out there.

The first one is the shooting drill. You need 2 baskets, 2 teams (4 or more people per team) 10 markers and some basketballs. Put 5 markers on the bucket line. 1 in the left corner near the basket, 1 in the right corner near the basket, 1 on the free throw line, 1 in the left corner next to the free throw line and the other one on the right side. And do the same on the other side of the court.

Every team needs to make 50 baskets, so 10 per marker. First one shoots and rebounds and then the next one shoots. They start from one of the corners near the basket.

Let them practice for a while. I usually tell them to make 100 baskets. After that i'll do a team vs team shootout, see which team can make 50 baskets faster. The losers team will do a suicide. It's really fun to do!

You can do this drill too with the little ones, but instead of 50 baskets make it 3 or 5 per marker. And ofcourse the baskets have to be much lower.


Another drill is the crossover drill.
You need a full court, 4 markers, 1 defender under the basket in the bucket, 1 offender and some people waiting on the baseline to go next.

Let the offender start with a step fake (jab) from the right side near the 3 point line.
The player must do the jab with the right feet to the right and pull it back to the left and start dribbling with the left hand towards marker nr2 (see jpg example at the end of the post).

From marker 2 the player does a crossover. Now he dribbles with the right hand towards marker 3.

From marker 3 the players does another crossover. Now he dribbles with left towards marker 4.

From marker 4 he dribbles towards the defender and makes another single or double crossover and tries to score. The defender has to try to stop him ofcourse. If the offender misses he has to do 1 push up. And when he scores the defender has to do 1 push up

Now the offender stays in the bucket and becomes the defender. The next person can start from marker 1.

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