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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm a huge fan of arcade games and i want to share this great program with you.

Mame is a game emulator that plays oldskool arcade games. Mame stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. This emulator can be installed on your pc/laptop. In order to play the games in Mame, you need to have the games (roms, cd, hard disc images). Those you can find anywhere on the web. Google is your best friend ;)

You can find games like: pacman, mortal kombat, streetfighter, double dragon, outrun, donkey kong, alien vs predator, wwf arcade, tetris, centipede, nba jam, 19xx, progear, moonwalker, probotector, the simpsons, and many more!

The games can be played with the keyboard or joystick. I hooked up my ps2 joysticks to my pc using a special usb to ps2 converter. You can buy those converters @ ebay.
Maybe you want to use a steering wheel for certain race games, those you can use too!
The program will recognize the hardware, but you will need to input the buttons while you are in the game, that's like 2 min work.

Mame also does support online play. In order to play online, you need this program called kaillera. You can eihter make a game in a server or join one. There are many servers you can find. Mame 117 has that program build in, google it!

So please go check out the Mame emulator if you want to play those cool arcade games again.
This emulator will bring back some great arcade memories.

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