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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Feel the love my dove Prod by TekNaloG

I just wanted to share some of my beats i made in FL studio. This beat was made last year Oct 2009. I felt like making something crazy and smooth, so i came up with feel the love my dove.

One day i was watching warptime, a show on discovery channel. They make bullet time videos (slowmotion) with special camera's.
They do stuff like poppin a water balloon or shooting a bullet through a banana, it looks really cool in bullet time! And while i was watching it a sound came up in my head. I immidiatly went to my computer and started looking for that sound.

The dreamy bells you hear in the background are from Hypersonic 2 and the bassline is from spectrasonics Trilogy...really nice vsti programs! I used no samples.

It has this dreamy vibe but you can still bob your head to it, and it collabs great with the video.

So check out the vid and leave me a note if you liked the track or not.

Download the track here: Feel the love my dove download!

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