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Monday, May 24, 2010

Photoshop blending, fusing

This time i'm going to teach you guys how to fuse pictures.
All you need is a softbrush and the eraser tool.

I downloaded 4 pictures. A picture of a sandy landscape, a picture of clouds, a picture of a sandy road and a picture of a bridge. Click on the links to download the pictures.

The sandy landscape is my background layer. Open the cloud picture, ctrl+A to select the whole pic and copy paste it on the background layer. It will make a new layer automatically. The picture is going to be large, so you need to crop it with the rectangular tool. I only covered the right side with the clouds, but feel free to put the clouds wherever you want.

Now we are going to select the eraser and a soft brush around the 130 px. Put the flow and opacity on 25%. Start brushing away the corners and make the clouds blend in nicely.
Not only blend the corners but also in the middle a bit. Play with the flow and opacity too.
After you are done brushing you can play with the layers fill and opacity. See what works for you.

We are going to do the same with the road and bridge pictures.
Copy a selection and paste it on your clouds layer. It will make another new layer automatically.
Rename it if you want. Again start brushing away the corners with the soft brush on a low flow and opacity. Use big and small soft brushes too!

It's all about the soft brush and eraser tool. It's fun to do and it's not that hard!
The design was done in 25 min.

Check out the video i made at the end of the post.

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