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Monday, May 24, 2010

Split second : Velocity review (PC)

Split second is an arcade race game made by Blackrock studio. They also made the arcade racer Pure. I think Blackrock studio watched this movie Death race because like in Death race, you play in a tv show.

The first time i played Split second i didn't like it because the cars felt rusty. You need a car that reacts really fast because you don't want to get crushed or blown up. But after a while i got used to the car handlings. I'm still not loving it but i guess it's ok.
The cars in this game are not the real deal cars, so you won't see Bmw's and Audi's taking each other out. It didn't bother me because the cars they designed look really smooth and futuristic.

In this game you have to take out opponents and dodging exploding objects while you are racing for the nr 1 spot. Something like burnout paradise but different. This time you have to take them out by making buildings, tunnels, cars, planes, bridges etc etc explode. You have to drift and draft for powerplay (explosions). There are 3 levels of power play. The 1st one is a small explosion, the 2nd one is a medium and the last one (red) can make huge objects like buildings, ships explode. You have to time your powerplays, otherwise you will blow up yourself too!

The visuals are outstanding. Shiny cars, spectacular explosions, nice crashes, really well designed beautiful tracks.
Some of the tracks reminded me of Burnout paradise. The tracks are wide and full with interactive objects. You will race in down town central, plane graveyards, construction site, airport terminal etc etc. There are alternate routes and shortcuts you can take. I don't really know how much tracks Split second has but i've seen 10 so far.

There are 5 different modes in this game. Season, Quickplay, Online, Lan, Splitscreen.

Season is like the career mode. Complete races and you will unlock new cars, new tracks, new decals.

In quickplay you can do races, survival, airstrike, elimination and more. I like the survival and airstrike the most because you have to dodge explosive barrels or rockets while you are trying to finish on the first place.

Online i didn't try yet, but i bet it's alot of fun!
I think this mode is going to be played alot. As soon as i have my high speed internet back, i will be playing this non stop, no doubt!

Splitscreen is for people who don't or can't play online and have atleast a 42 inch LCD. Trust me you want to see everything on your screen, and a small tv is not going to work.

The music and special effect sounds are top notch!
I hooked up my sony monitors to my pc and it blew me away.
It gave me that arcade feeling, i haven't been in a aracde for a long time but this took me back.

I would recommend this game to everyone that are into arcade racing games or even never played an arcade racer. This game is lot's of fun, it's like you are in a roller coaster, really great feeling!

I hope that in the future Blackrock studio is going to release some DLC. Well i'm pretty sure they will release some DLC this year, but when? I don't want to wait till dec 2010, so hopefully we can have a DLC somewhere in aug/sep?
More cars, more tracks, more modes, and some car tweaking please!

Pros: fast gameplay, powerplay explosions are never done before and are lots of fun, nice graphics, good audio,beautiful tracks, lot's of modes, lan for pc.

Cons: no turbo boost, cars don't react fast enough, no points for takedowns, no replays, no bikes, no ramps, no traffic mode, only 2 camera views.

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