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Saturday, May 15, 2010


I have another great artist that needs some shine.
Her name is Flingstress, she is a vocalist/songwriter and she lives in The Netherlands. In the past she has worked with Big boy caprice, Too tall and some other dutch artists. She was always busy writing and recording in the studio, but she has never released a single unfortunately.

I asked her why she calls herself Flingstress and she told me this :

I have some flings with different styles and sounds....sometimes giving me stress.
But without it, i wouldn't be the same!
That's why my username.

I've been friends with this talented lady for over a few months now and i really really like her.
She likes and makes any type of music and that is what i love about her. Her voice is soft and powerfull, she will give you goose bumps when you hear her sing! She is the kind of person that likes to work with unknown people that are good in what they do. It doesnt matter if you are 16 or 46 years old, graduated from music school or not, if you can make beats that she diggs then she will ask you personally if she can use it.

You can find her vids on youtube in the upload section, i will leave a link to her youtube channel at the end of my post.

Please support this talented beautiful lady to make her dream come true.
Go to her youtube, comment/subscribe/fav etc etc.

Now she is currently busy working on a few singles and her first album. And this time she is going to release them!
I know this because i am one of her producers ;)


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Anonymous said...

yep-i've had the pleasure to work with her as well. she NEEDS more shine. -spearman

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