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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well-blended Jazzy

<a href="">Jazzy by Well-blended</a>

J Zen Guilty Pleasure

St. LaRok Leap Year EP

<a href="">Ground Liftin' Up by St. LaRok</a>

A_Rival 8-bit pimp

<a href="">Go For Broke by A_Rival</a>

Friday, July 16, 2010

+h∆b5+®∆ct-1 ( The Abstract One ) Blaster 2033

<a href="">+h&#8710;b5+&#174;&#8710;ct-1 - Blaster 2033 by +h&#8710;b5+&#174;&#8710;ct-1 ( The Abstract One )</a>

Reach Impact

<a href="">Listen and Learn by Reach</a>

Mega Ran & K-Murdock Forever Famicom

<a href="">Epoch by Mega Ran &amp; K-Murdock</a>

Mister Bibal Beats & Breaks Trois

<a href="">8-Bit System by Mister Bibal</a>

JuSoul A Nujabes Tribute

<a href="">A Nujabes Tribute by JuSoul</a>

Versis The Journey (4U)

<a href="">The Journey (4U) (prod. by Dibia$e) by Versis</a>

Dert Butterfly Sessions Instrumentals older now

<a href="">Older Now by Dert</a>

Boho Fau Feelin This

<a href="">Feelin This by Boho Fau</a>

Aye Pee Beat Library Vol 2 Wednesday

<a href="">14 - Wednesday by Producers I Know</a>

Pete Cannon Iller Mini​-​mix

<a href="">Iller Mini-mix by Producers I Know</a>

Apatight Files Chips

<a href="">Chips by Producers I Know</a>

Epsilon Project track name Life's Not Really​.​.​.

<a href="">Life's Not Really... by Epsilon Project</a>

Mecca:83 3 For Free EP

<a href="">Translate by Rise &amp; The Solar Sound System</a>

Kriswontwo Music

<a href="">The Connection by Kriswontwo Music</a>

Bug Cosmic Lab / 20 Winks

<a href="">20 Winks by BUG</a>

Gravity Movement The Genesis

<a href="">02.MOS HIGH | ft. SHA PRINCE by GravityMovement</a>

Afta-1 Form

<a href="">6. Rain by AFTA-1</a>

Friday, July 2, 2010

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo showed their new Nintendo 3DS @ the 2010 E3.

The 3DS will have a bigger 3D topscreen that will not require glasses for it's 3D visual effects. It will have a 3D depth slider to adjust level of 3D effects.

The 3DS currently has 3 camera's (one inner, 2 outer of 0.3 mega pixel resolution) that can track the player's eyes and change the onscreen graphics to simulate 3D space.
New games and movies will be coming out in 3D.

The 3DS accepts the DSI, DSLite and DS games, and you can also still use SD cards on it.

The 3DS has a anolog stick called the slide pad. This slide pad allows 360 degrees analog input.
They added a new Home button to call system function and a wireless switch to turn of wireless communications.

The topscreen is 3.53- inch widescreen LCD display with 800x240 pixel resolution.
The touchscreen is 3.02- inch LCD with 320x240 pixel resolution.

New 3DS games that are coming out in 2011/2012 are:

Animal Crossing
Kid Icarus Uprising
Mario kart
Nintendogs + Cats
Paper mario
Pilotwings Resort
Start Fox 64 3D
Steel Diver
DJ Hero 3D
Cubic Ninja
Etrian Odyssey
Shin Megami Tensei : Devil survivor + Persona
Resident Evil Revelations
Super Street Fighter IV 3D
Fifa soccer
Madden NFL
The Sims 3
Asphalt GT
Deca Sports
Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D
Pro evo
A boy and his Blob
Dragon Ball
Pacman & Galaga
Ridge Racer
Sonic the Hedgehog
Super Monkey ball
Final Fantasy
Dead or Alive 3D
Ninja Gaiden
Samurai Warriors 3D
Lovely Lisa 3D
Naruto Shippuden Action
Marvel Super Hero Squad Infinity Gauntlet
Puss N boots
Saints Row : Drive By
Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy
Driver Renegade
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wix is a website where you can create your own flash website for free.

They have templates for musicians, bloggers, photographers etc etc.
You don't need to know about programming, the only thing you need to do is drag and drop, and it looks really professional.
There is also an option to start from scratch to build your own template.

Before you can start creating you have to sign up for free. Free members will have wix banners on their website, but if you are a paying member then the wix banners won't be visable.

So if you don't have the money to pay a designer/programmer to make your website, then is a really good alternative.

Please go visit the website and have fun making your website.

Streetfighter Legacy

Street fighter Legacy is a live action short film fan project, based on the popular Capcom gaming franchise Street Fighter.

Capcom are said to have given their blessing to the film, and the film was released on May 6th 2010.

Street fighter Legacy is created by Joey Ansah. A guy that loves the street fighter games. He did the co directing, co-writing, choreographing and also did a cameo as Akuma (Gouki).
Christian howard long time friend of Joey Ansah, played Ken Master in this short movie.
Jon foo plays Ryu.

The film follows Ryu after waking up from a nightmare of Akuma. While walking in the forst he was followed by a warrior which is revealed to be Ken Masters. Ryu's old friend and sparring partner had a match together using their signature moves Hadouken, Shoryuken, Tatsumaki Sempuu, focus attacks and more. The moves were executed really well by both characters. The special effects could be a bit better, but they are still way better than the first street fighter movie with Jean Claude van Damme.

The movie attracted many fans all over the world and now they want more. I'm not sure if they are going to make a longer version, they made this short movie because they had a small budget.
Let's hope they get enough money to make a 90 min movie for us street fighter fans.

Please go check out their youtube channel and enjoy the video's