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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

GGPO Online gaming

GGPO is a networking library that game developers can use to add networked gameplay support to arcade style games.

GGPO uses a peer to peer topology to run a complete copy of your game for each player, transmitting controller inputs over the network to keep these copies in sync.
Each player's inputs are sent to their copy of the game without having to wait for their opponent's to arrive over the network.

The program can be downloaded from GGPO. The games can be found on piratebay and they also can be googled. Some of the games you can play are: Streetfighter alpha, alpha 2, alpha 3, third strike, marvel vs capcom, xmen children of the atom, final fight, king of fighters, last blade, samurai showdown, fatal fury and many many more!

You need to make an account to run and play GGPO. You have to open internet ports to play against other players online. You can find all the info in the troubleshooting forum.

The cool thing about this GGPO is that you also can watch live matches. That's a feature that should be implanted in every emulator.

Please go try out GGPO and have fun playing some of the good old arcade games. is a website where you share what you are doing live. Some people stream tv shows, movies, live gaming, cartoons and other people do live social shows where you can chat with them.

Sometimes they stream live nba, soccer, nhl, tennis games, but thats against the rules so they usually post links in the chatroom that directs you to other websites where you can watch the game.

I personally like because they stream old and new shows i like. It's a fun website because you can watch and chat at the same time.

So if you are not really a tv person but you still want to watch a show or a movie, then check out

So go visit the website (link is @ the end of the post) and sign up if you want. You can only talk to other people in the chatrooms if you have an account there.

Afta-1 Form

Today i found this new Afta-1 album called Form. It was released 13 June 2010.

This producer is from LA and he is in my top 10 list of producers.

People who know Afta-1 are going to love his new album. He delivered another masterpiece. He sounds unique, i can't really compare him with another top producer because he does his own thing.

He makes really dope abstract/experimental music.
You will hear some soul, hiphop, world, relax, ambient, electronic stuff on this album. His music will take you to a planet you have never been before.

If you never heard of this guy then i suggest you to check out his music on youtube and bandcamp. He will not dissapoint you!

He has some other albums like: Aftathoughts vol 1, Love is real Vol 1-4.

Please go visit his bandcamp and purchase the album if you like it, it's only 7 usd. You can download it straight to your computer after you made the payment.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Basketball training (2 vs 2 vs 2, pump/step fake)

I have some other fun basketball practise drills i want to share with all the basketball trainers out there.

The first one is the 2 vs 2 vs 2 game. All you need is a full court some red, blue, yellow shirts and 3 teams that have 2 players. You can also do 3 vs 3 vs 3 but not more.

1 team in the middle with the ball and the other teams in and around their buckets.
You have to see it as a normal play. Everytime there are 2 teams playing against each other while the other team is waiting for the one team to attack.

The blue team in the middle starts with the ball. They can choose to attack the yellow or red team.

Let's say they are going to attack the red team.
It's a 3 vs 3 play. When the blue teams scores they keep the ball and red stays on their spot to defend against the next team. Now blue have to dribble to yellow and tries to score there. They can keep shooting untill the yellow team rebounds or steals the ball. Then the blue team is going to be in and around the bucket defending.

So it's all about scoring, rebounding, stealing and playing well together. The first team who has 10 points wins the game. The other 2 teams will have to do suicide or pushups.


Another drill is the step (jab)/pump fake shoot drill.

You need 1 basket, 3 markers and a few players (3 atleast).

put 1 player on the baseline corner with the ball. The other players are on the middle court line. 1 marker is nearby the bassline player, 1 marker on the bucket corner and the other marker in the bucket.

The first player runs from the middle line to point A. While he is running towards point A he asks for the ball with this left hand. He doesn't get the ball untill he reaches point B. At point B he does the jab (step) fake with his left feet to the left, and then the pump fake. Now he can dribble with his right hand to point C for the jumpshot.

The shooter rebounds his own ball and goes to the bassline with the ball. The other player that was passing the ball earlier goes to the line where the other players wait. Now the next player can go do the drill.

Dreamscene windows 7 32/64 bit

Are you getting tired of the same still images you use for your desktop?
You wish you had a cool desktop background like your screensaver?

Don't go search for it cause i got what you need!
Last night i found this program called Dreamscene. It's a program for windows 7 and it will turn your video's into your desktop wallpaper. So everytime you are looking at your desktop you are watching your movie with all your folders and programs still on the foreground.

Click on the links below, read, install and download.

It's real easy. After you have installed the patch, you left click on your wmv or mpg video and choose set as desktop. Now you have your movie as your wallpaper.

Photoshop brushes

Just as a painter will have a range of brushes for all sorts of needs, so too the
digital painter needs a range of brushes.

Brushes can be found anywhere over the web. You can google them or find them on torrent sites. Recently i downloaded alot of brushes from deviantart. Maybe you want to have a planet or a star in your design, but you are not in the mood to cut out objects with the pentool, then ps brushes are your best friend.

There are 2 ways you can use your brushes. You can load them up from where ever you put them on your computer. Or you can put them in your ps brushes folder. C>program files>Adobe>Adobe Photoshop>Presets>Brushes. When you put them in the brushes folder, phothoshop will see them automatically and put them in your brushes library.

Brushes are greyscale images, so when you paint with them they take on the colour of the paint that you have chosen.

You can also make your own brushes. I will tell you in another blog how you can do that.

Brushes can also be used as eraser tools. Maybe you have a black circle but you want to have a cut out tree shape or something in the middle. Click on the eraser tool and then find the brush in the tool options palette display. Left click in the circle and you will see that it erases in a tree shape.

Go search for the brushes you were looking for and have fun with them in ps and make some cool designs.