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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Basketball training (2 vs 2 vs 2, pump/step fake)

I have some other fun basketball practise drills i want to share with all the basketball trainers out there.

The first one is the 2 vs 2 vs 2 game. All you need is a full court some red, blue, yellow shirts and 3 teams that have 2 players. You can also do 3 vs 3 vs 3 but not more.

1 team in the middle with the ball and the other teams in and around their buckets.
You have to see it as a normal play. Everytime there are 2 teams playing against each other while the other team is waiting for the one team to attack.

The blue team in the middle starts with the ball. They can choose to attack the yellow or red team.

Let's say they are going to attack the red team.
It's a 3 vs 3 play. When the blue teams scores they keep the ball and red stays on their spot to defend against the next team. Now blue have to dribble to yellow and tries to score there. They can keep shooting untill the yellow team rebounds or steals the ball. Then the blue team is going to be in and around the bucket defending.

So it's all about scoring, rebounding, stealing and playing well together. The first team who has 10 points wins the game. The other 2 teams will have to do suicide or pushups.


Another drill is the step (jab)/pump fake shoot drill.

You need 1 basket, 3 markers and a few players (3 atleast).

put 1 player on the baseline corner with the ball. The other players are on the middle court line. 1 marker is nearby the bassline player, 1 marker on the bucket corner and the other marker in the bucket.

The first player runs from the middle line to point A. While he is running towards point A he asks for the ball with this left hand. He doesn't get the ball untill he reaches point B. At point B he does the jab (step) fake with his left feet to the left, and then the pump fake. Now he can dribble with his right hand to point C for the jumpshot.

The shooter rebounds his own ball and goes to the bassline with the ball. The other player that was passing the ball earlier goes to the line where the other players wait. Now the next player can go do the drill.


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