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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Afta-1 Form

Today i found this new Afta-1 album called Form. It was released 13 June 2010.

This producer is from LA and he is in my top 10 list of producers.

People who know Afta-1 are going to love his new album. He delivered another masterpiece. He sounds unique, i can't really compare him with another top producer because he does his own thing.

He makes really dope abstract/experimental music.
You will hear some soul, hiphop, world, relax, ambient, electronic stuff on this album. His music will take you to a planet you have never been before.

If you never heard of this guy then i suggest you to check out his music on youtube and bandcamp. He will not dissapoint you!

He has some other albums like: Aftathoughts vol 1, Love is real Vol 1-4.

Please go visit his bandcamp and purchase the album if you like it, it's only 7 usd. You can download it straight to your computer after you made the payment.

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