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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Streetfighter Legacy

Street fighter Legacy is a live action short film fan project, based on the popular Capcom gaming franchise Street Fighter.

Capcom are said to have given their blessing to the film, and the film was released on May 6th 2010.

Street fighter Legacy is created by Joey Ansah. A guy that loves the street fighter games. He did the co directing, co-writing, choreographing and also did a cameo as Akuma (Gouki).
Christian howard long time friend of Joey Ansah, played Ken Master in this short movie.
Jon foo plays Ryu.

The film follows Ryu after waking up from a nightmare of Akuma. While walking in the forst he was followed by a warrior which is revealed to be Ken Masters. Ryu's old friend and sparring partner had a match together using their signature moves Hadouken, Shoryuken, Tatsumaki Sempuu, focus attacks and more. The moves were executed really well by both characters. The special effects could be a bit better, but they are still way better than the first street fighter movie with Jean Claude van Damme.

The movie attracted many fans all over the world and now they want more. I'm not sure if they are going to make a longer version, they made this short movie because they had a small budget.
Let's hope they get enough money to make a 90 min movie for us street fighter fans.

Please go check out their youtube channel and enjoy the video's

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